Toonboom Studio 6 on Ubuntu 10.10


Hi guys,

Just want to share that Toonboom Studio 6 and Trial is working on ubuntu 10.10 64 bit under Wine. I consider to buy TB Studio because it is used in my current studio, and i get used to it and also for the skeleton feature, which is nice because i compare with other software like Anime Studio and Synfig, although they have and on development on bone feature. The winning point in Toonboom i think is the natural drawing tool in it. which is kinda sad because i still can’t make my wacom pressure working

The activation it self is pretty much straight forward, but at first i got a problem with internet activation. And then i restart the toonboom, and somehow it WORKS ! however i did sent email to for xml activation request before i restart Toonboom.

The wacom pressure is not working as i mention earlier. i tried to google with no avail. If anyone have success story on how to make wacom pressure working, please let know. And also there’s no option to uninstall on Wine. But i think this is a good move since Toonboom drop Linux support after Solo. And i hope there will be linux native again in the future. Or at least make all features works under Wine. Linux rocks ! And yes Toonboom Also ^_^

2 Responses to “Toonboom Studio 6 on Ubuntu 10.10”
  1. Hai Johan, how are u?
    have a nice meet u here
    nice blog, i like it…
    *remember me?

  2. Cassper Nyovest says:

    Hey the current version doesnt siupport either windows Xp or vista Please tell another software which is currently available for linux

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